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Supervisory Skill Development Program On “Self Development, Interpersonal Relationship & Team Work (PARIVARTAN)
   Program Content:
Why do we work? Self Awareness , Positive Attitudes, Happiness
What is my Role? Who is contributor? Law of Contribution.
Business Realities, Awareness, Customer orientation
Interpersonal Relationship: Building up Relationship base
What it takes to be a good Employee.
Team Building & Synergy: How team works for the success.


The program is designed & based on experiential learning process Workshops (concept clarity understanding and internalization) through various activities. Experiential Learning essentially means that learning and development are achieved through personally determined experience and involvement as a growing person and his development from the inside.

At work, most problems stem from people feeling unhappy or being unfulfilled. Experiential learning - most certainly offers ways to address personal feelings of confidence, fulfillment, sense of purpose, etc. It develops people's confidence, self-esteem, personal strengths, and crucially a rounded sense of purpose and fulfillment which fundamentally improve attitude, Work life-balance and emotional well-being for sustainable productive work and resolve work-related issues. The workshops will comprise of followings:

Micro-Labs, Game simulation, Exercise
Group Activity - situation simulation
Psychometric Test
Presentation, Video clippings, Films


(For a batch size of 15-18 participants.)
(As per Client Org. needs Specific Training Module can be developed. Depending upon needs & coverage of the program, it can be designed for a day or two) Each session will be of about One half hrs to Two Hrs. duration. Subsequent Individual counseling sessions will be also held if needed (Related to psychometric test results follow up, employee Feedback, Grievance Handling etc.)

Total Professional charges: As mutually acceptable
The Company needs to make the arrangements for followings:

Travel arrangements /Reimbursement, Stationery Expenses, Flip Charts Laptop/computer, LCD Projectors, Black- White Boards, Marker pens Venue: Training Hall with adequate arrangements. Tea Snacks, Meal expenses.
Time Schedule: Session Aims & Objectives & Workshop benefits (specimen)
  First Session (Time : 09.30am – 11.00 am )
  Second Sessions (Time: 11.15 pm - 01.15 pm)


To create awareness about workshop objectives, purpose, nature and need for altitudinal shift for Achievement orientation, articulate self confidence for growth and happiness


Improvements in understanding about
• Learning, earning and self development
• Identifying Individual strength and areas of improvement
• Social and interpersonal Relationship awareness- Communication
• Individual belief systems, values & breakthrough for change)


To develop understanding about business realities, Goal Setting, Achievement Orientation & alignments of self


Improvements in understanding about
• What is business ,Current realities
• Customer needs and expectations
• Law of contribution & secrets of Career progression
• What it takes to be good employee
• Growth and happiness
  Third Session (Time: 02.00 pm - 04.00 pm)
  Fourth session (Time: 04. 15 pm – 05.30 Pm)


To facilitate change process in building up positive attitude and team work spirit


Improvements in understanding about
• Managing self and circumstances
• Development plan for inculcating good habits,Goal orientation
• Interpersonal Relationship
• Team building and expectations
• Achievement orientation

To develop understanding about Team Synergy, Higher productivity, increased effectiveness for organizational growth and Happiness


Improvements in understanding about
• Inner group and intra group functions- Dynamics and creative cooperation
• Synergy for Business excellence, growth and happiness