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Behavioural Workshops is a Vadodara based organization giving Consultancy and conducting Behavioral Workshops for Soft Skill Development, O.D. Interventions in Human Resource Management and other united regions.


We also provide:

Behavioural Workshops likewise gives Clinical and applied Hypnotherapy and Counseling services. Along with that we give professional services in various fiels like management of weight loss, habits/ additions, Pain Management, Stress Management, Stop Smoking, Success in Study-examination / Job Interviews, Improvements in Sports performance, Relationship Issues, Fear, Phobias, Anxiety, Motivation, emotional and psychosomatic issues.

   Workshop Program Content Includes:

behavioural workshop Why do we work? Self Awareness , Positive Attitudes, Happiness
behavioural workshop my role What is my Role? Who is contributor? Law of Contribution.
Business Realities, Awareness, Customer orientation
behavioural workshop interpersonal relationship Interpersonal Relationship: Building up Relationship base
What it takes to be a good Employee.
behavioural workshop team building Team Building & Synergy: How team works for the success.

Modules & Services

»   Soft Skill Development
»   Technical Services
»   Project Work – (Assignment Undertaken)